Sample Letter to Politicians

Sample Letter: If you use your own words and post the letter, it will make a greater impact.

Things to include in your letter:
  • Failure to fund this program will result in the permanent loss of unique Australian cultural heritage
  • More than 35 jobs will be lost, many of which are held by Indigenous Australians. These employees are already some of the lowest paid workers for their level in the Australian Public Service and goes against other government programs to increase the workplace participation of Indigenous Australians.
  • There will be a loss of expertise within AIATSIS and Australia in relation to best practice standards for the handling and preservation of Indigenous Australian materials.
  • The demise of the ROMTIC (Return of Materials to Indigenous Communities) program, which enables Indigenous Australians to request items from the audiovisual collection that deals with their family, language or country.
  • It goes against the aims of the 'Closing the Gap' Strategy.
  • The cost of approximately $3million per year is negligible.
  • The clients of AIATSIS will be impacted on the most, whether indigenous community members, scholars, government employees or the general public
  • World knowledge of the human family and in particular the oldest living culture on Earth will be all the poorer.

The Honourable (full formal name) OR Mr, Ms, Dr (full formal name)
PO Box 6022
Parliament House


Dear Sir/Madam:

[Body of the letter]

Yours faithfully

[Your Name]